Escort Etiquette in China

Here are some basics when you hire an escort or massage girl in China.

  • Taxi fare is additional – it is not included in the hourly rate, so be prepared to pay for it. This is because many China cities are large and spread out and sometimes your location is not close to where the escort or massage provider is originating from.
  • If you request incall services be prepared to pay for a hotel charge – even though some escorts and massage girls have their own studios, they may feel safer at a hotel location – be prepared to pay for it.
  • Outcall is the most popular – make sure you can give a good address to the service provider (preferably in Chinese) but English is sometimes acceptable. If your location is not clearly marked, then take pictures and send them as many hotels/apartments share names in China and it is very easy to get confused if the location is not very specific.
  • Be prepared to provide assistance to the service provider if you are in a secure hotel – many times the front desk will not accept unexpected visitors so inform them you have a guest arriving if your hotel has this policy. Also, make sure if the hotel elevator needs a key card make sure you are ready to meet the provider and provide the card to your room and elevator.
  • If you have been drinking, do not order service then go to sleep or pass out. This is very rude. Please do what you need to in order to prevent wasting the providers travel and time.
  • Have good hygiene. Take a shower before you get service – all our providers have excellent hygiene and they will probably refuse service if you are dirty or smell bad.
  • If you meet the escort or massage provider and you are not pleased with them – pay them taxi fare and schedule another – if they have taken the time to come meet then you need to be fair and pay their taxi fair.
  • Do not abuse our providers – in the past customers that hurt or abuse our providers have gone to jail – we work with the police so don’t be dangerous. When a provider says “No” stop what you are doing – even though you pay for it, if they are no comfortable the services ends and you need to stop – if you feel slighted, contact us and we will make it right.
  • If you have any problems with the provider, contact us immediately – most situations can be resolved by our staff quickly and efficiently.
  • When scheduling do not request excessive pictures or video calls – this wastes time and shows you are not a serious customer – real pictures are on the website and girls not listed here allow us to send only a couple of photos – if you just want photos you can find them on the web without wasting our time – if you want videos, we can provide them if you request – contact us to get videos any time.
  • Contact us for any questions.