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+86 13781573250

WeChat: ys2897541272
WeChat: ys2897541272
Telegram: happygirl0511
WhatsApp: +8613914993348
WeChat: lbl15552693064
WeChat: lbl15552693064
WeChat: outcallincall89635
WeChat: outcallincall89635
WhatsApp: +8613781573250


尊贵的客人: 非常感谢您选择我的服务!您可以选择您喜爱的项目,将为您提供最好的心灵及身体,身心最好的难忘之旅!洗去您一身的疲劳和烦恼吧!快快联系我吧13929505444.微AC1392950

特别的礼物 送给我尊敬的中国客户,我们提供月订和年订服务,优惠包括免费的上门或者来店服务,如您来店,我们提供高档商务车接送。并且可以享受折扣和尝鲜服务,店铺优惠,优先接入视讯服务,个人选片及视讯优先选择,免费礼物,以及根据您的喜好进行的私人定制。我们的高端订阅服务价格从500每月。详情请联系我们的专人vip服务,电话13929505444 .微信AC1392950

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Welcome to Escort Girls in China

Here you can browse the best, most beautiful and professional Escorts and Massage Girls in China.

All our ladies are real as are their profiles and photos.

Our clients satisfaction is guaranteed.

Please contact us when you are ready to schedule.

Each service provider also has chosen their preferred methods of contact.

Enjoy your visit - we are pleased to meet your needs and desires.

Please Note: There are many girls in China that do not want their photos posted to the internet. If you cannot find your city location, or if you cannot find the girl you are looking for, then please contact us and we will get the right girl to you at your location.

Payments can be made securely with all major credit cards - PayPal - and other online services - cash is also accepted. Please make your payment arrangements when scheduling.

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Latest China Escorts

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Featured China Escorts

智慧 Zhìhuì - 苏州 Suzhou
下雪 Xià xuě - 长春 Changchun
风景 Fēngjǐng - 乌鲁木齐 Urumqi
玲子 Língzǐ - 青岛 Qingdao
尊贵 Zūnguì - 南宁 Nanning
谷雨 Gǔyǔ - 哈尔滨 Harbin
霁青 Jìqīng - 杭州 Hangzhou
晴朗 Qínglǎng - 南京 Nanjing
广州伴游 Guangzhou Escort - 明睿 Ming Rui
旖婷 Yǐtíng - 苏州 Suzhou
丽娜 Lì nà - 成都 Chengdu Escort
火光 Huǒguāng - 重庆 Chongqing
优美 Yōuměi - 成都 Chengdu
烈焱Lièyàn - 成都 Chengdu
宝石 Bǎoshí - 海口 Haikou
柔软 Róuruǎn - 武汉 Wuhan
雪花 Xuěhuā - 中山 Zhongshan
雪景 Xuějǐng - 厦门 Xiamen
光明 Guāngmíng - 武汉 Wuhan
波涛 Bōtāo - 杭州 Hangzhou
美好 Měihǎo - 西安 Xian
年轻 Niánqīng - 沉阳 Shenyang
烈焱 Lièyàn - 苏州 Suzhou
简单 Jiǎndān - 大连 Dalian
妤如 Yúrú - 上海 Shanghai
闪亮 Shǎn liàng - 东莞 Dongguan
晶彩 Jīng cǎi - 乌鲁木齐 Urumqi
杰出 Jiéchū - 成都 Chengdu
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Video Profiles - Verified 100% Real

Holly - Beijing (VIP)
Anya (Russian) - Beijing
Jackie (VIP) - Guangzhou
Wendy - Guangzhou
Alara - Nantong
Linda - Chengdu
Cherry - Zhuhai
Nu Ying - Qingdao
Angela - Chongqing
Cai Hong - Qingdao
Cat - Guangzhou
Julie - Foshan
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Featured Foreign Agencies offering services in China

African Agency
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Escort Girls in China is a growing site dedicated to listing legitimate service providers in China.

We provide listings for independent escorts and escort agencies. Each listing is validated before it is listed. In the event a listing becomes suspicious it will either be marked as such, or it will be removed entirely from the site.

There a several different categories for each listing: VIP - These marked listings are for independent escorts and agencies that have paid to have their listing ranked on the front page and at the top of the country or city in which they provide services; VERIFIED - These listings are only marked when we have personally verified the authenticity of the photos provided -  NOT VERIFIED - These listings are provided "as is" by the provider (or agency) - they are usually either newer listings, or they have never received any negative feedback regarding their listings - an independent or agency may remain in "not verified" status indefinitely as long as we have no negative reasons to remove them - they can, of course, become verified or authenticated at any point; NEW - These listings are less than thirty days old;  SUSPICIOUS - These listings have received negative feedback, usually claiming the photos or information in the listing is fake or false - a listing may also be marked as suspicious if we find the provided photos elsewhere online with conflicting information - these listings are subject to regular scrutiny by our staff and may eventually be removed if not validated. Only the VIP label may be purchased. All other labels and badges are awarded based on experience or merit.

If you would like to place an advertisement, please submit the required application using our contact form. We offer free advertisements as well as several paid options.